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Frequently Asked Questions

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Finder FAQ

How does the Finder work? 

The Finder communicates with your phone via your phone's Bluetooth connection. As long as it is in range of your phone, you can track and find your Finder at any time. If it's out of range, you can see the last known location and return to where you left it.

What is the Find Phone feature?
If you've misplaced your phone, press the Finder's button to trigger your phone to alarm, helping you quickly locate it.

How small is the Finder?
It's very small and compact! It measures at 30mm diameter x 9mm.

How loud is the Finder?
It's loud enough to be heard up to 200ft, so finding it under couch cushions or in piles of laundry is easy.

What is the Finder's range?
The Finder has a range of up to 200ft in open environments, with a typical range of 100-150ft depending on the environment. How far is this? Well your typical living room is about 15ft wide to give you an idea!

Is my phone compatible with the Finder?
The Pebblebee Finder app is compatible with iPhones running iOS 9.3 and above, and with most Android phones running Android 4.4 and above. It is not currently compatible with the OnePlus One.

How long does the Finder's battery last?
The Finder uses an easily replaceable CR2032 battery and has a battery life of up to a year.

What is the Left Behind alert?
The Left Behind alert lets you know when your Finder has been out of range of your phone for too long. It's designed to notify your phone when the app notices the Finder has been completely out of range of your phone for about 10 minutes.

How many Finders can I have in my account?
While there's no hard limit to how many Finders can be added to an account, we recommend a limit of 10 for better performance and ease of management. 

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