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Frequently Asked Questions

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Honey FAQ

Is my device supported?
The Pebblebee application currently supports the following:
iPhone 4s or newer
iPad 3
iPad Mini
Android 4.4 phones or newer with Bluetooth 4.0

What can I attach my Honey to?
Anything! The Honey comes with a key ring hole to attach it to anything. You can also purchase additional accessories to make it wearable.

How does my Honey work?
Your Honey communicates with your phone via your phone’s Bluetooth connection. As long as it is in range of your phone, you can track, buzz or flash your Honey at any time.

How do I find my Honey?

Pebblebee offers a number of tools to help find your items. The Pebblebee app translates the strength of your phone’s Bluetooth signal into an estimated distance from the device. Once near the device, you can command the Honey to buzz or flash, ending the search. Even if it’s out of range, you can look at the location on the map where the device was last seen. Finally, mark an item as Lost and harness the power of Crowd GPS® to find your Honey.

What is Crowd GPS®?
When you mark an item as Lost the entire Pebblebee community of users anonymously and securely helps you find your Honey. Anytime someone with the app running passes within range of your Honey, you will get notified with the location pinned on your map. This essentially expands your reach to anywhere in the world. The more family and friends in the Community the better the capability! 

How is this different from GPS?
A GPS signal requires communicating with satellites to triangulate your location. In this case, your Pebblebee device communicates directly with your phone using LE Bluetooth technology. LE Bluetooth is faster to connect, less expensive, and uses less battery than a GPS connection. Once your Pebblebee device is connected, the app utilizes your phone’s GPS connection to pin your location on a map. The devices themselves do not have GPS connection.

How does the Multi-function button work?
The button has two pre-programmed settings you can toggle between in the app. Misplace your phone often? Choose the “Find my phone” setting and press the button to send an audible alert to your phone. The other option converts the button into a remote camera shutter to take high range selfies–no need to feel restricted by the length of your arm!

Can I share my Honey?
Yes! You can share your Honey with family and friends so they can also utilize it! If you designate a user as a Pebblebee friend, they can also view it–for example, share the Honey attached to your extra house keys so friends can find the spare key. In the event that you’ve marked your Honey as Lost and a designated friend finds it, you’ll be notified of exactly who found your item. (currently on Android)

What is the range of the Honey?
The Honey has a range of 150ft depending on interference from the environment. Outside it can have a longer range while inside the range will be reduced by interference.

How small is the Honey?
The Honey is 5 mm thick and 40 mm in diameter and weighs 0.2 oz.

Is the Honey water resistant?
The Honey has a water resistance level of 4 on the IPX scale. The electronics are inside a durable glass filled ABS case, completely ultrasonically sealed, with a rubber gasket around the battery access panel. 

How long does the Honey battery last?
The Honey has an easily replaceable button battery (a CR2430 battery) that can last up to 1 year depending on usage.

Are my Pebblebee devices secure from other users?
Yes, the devices are only capable of being connected to one account at a time, making your Honey device secure from other users once you have claimed it.

Do I need an internet connection to use my Honey?
No, internet or cloud connection is not necessary to perform the main functions of the Pebblebee device once the devices are claimed (internet is necessary to initially claim new devices). You can still track it down, Beep and Flash the device. There are two primary benefits of having an internet connection. First, any settings you make to the device get saved on the Pebblebee cloud; without it the settings do not save. Second, if your phone has internet, the app can utilize your phone’s GPS, enabling the app to accurately pin your device’s last seen location on the map. If you pull up your in-app map after a time of not having internet connection, then the pin you will see there is the last seen location while your phone’s GPS was on.

How many Pebblebees can I add to my phone?
There’s no limit to the number you can add! We’ve found that for the best performance, less than 20 devices is preferable.

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